Federico Barranco

Welcome to Federico Barrancos web gallery !

We hope this website will serve as a first introduction to his work, as the photographs can only give you a faint idea of the depth and details of the actual paintings.

As a lot of people still (or now with netbooks, again) use monitors with resolutions of 1024 x 768 pixels or less, we decided to keep the sizes of the photographs to around 600 pixels in height so they can be seen in full without having to scroll. For a few selected paintings we give you the option of viewing them in bigger versions as well.

Should you be interested in helping organize an exhibition or in aquiring one of these works, please contact the artist directly.

Should you find any fault or omission in these pages, or have a suggestion to improve it, please get in touch with the webmaster. Thank you.

And now - enjoy your visit to the gallery !